Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Hot Air Ballooning Over the years and how it’s still a big draw today

The imagery that is painted in our minds when we think of a hot air balloon ride is one of colour and adventure. Hovering over land in a big balloon with a bird’s eye view on the landscape, the experience is almost like poetry. Apart from the fun value, the hot air balloon has a rich history and they are still popular today.

Early days (Unmanned)

Unmanned hot air balloons were used china as early as 220–280 AD to carry navigational and guidance lanterns for military purposes. The first balloon flight that was recorded in the UK before King John V, it was orchestrated by Bartolomeu de Gusmão on August 8, 1709

Manned flight

On October 15, 1783 the first manned flight was showcased by Etienne Montgolfier by making a flight in a hot air balloon from the Reveillon workshop’s yard in Faubourg Saint-Antoine. A few weeks’ later passengers were taken on a ride. The first known modern military use of the hot air balloon was in 1794 when the French used them as observatory platforms.

Modern usage:

Today’s commercial hot air balloon rides in the UK and around the world use a heat source situated below the balloon. Modern rides are primarily used for recreation and leisure today. In 1991 the 'Virgin Pacific Flyer' balloon made a record breaking flight by completing the longest flight in a hot air balloon. The pilot travelled in a hot air balloon stretching 74 thousand cubic meters (2.6 million cubic feet) covering 7,671.91 km from Japan to Northern Canada. The balloon was and remains the largest ever built.

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