Sunday, 28 September 2014

Explore Nature’s Beauty with Hot-Air Balloons!

Everyone loves exploring, as a kid it was our inmate ability to be curious about things around us. But as time goes by and we get stuck in the routine of the modern world we tend to forget what’s out there past the horizon. The beauty of the sunset, the lushness of the green and the kiss of the wind, well what if we told you all this can be experienced while you are floating in the sky. Yeah you heard that right, hot-air balloon rides provides one with the opportunity of being in touch with nature.

As a Recreation and sport

Many records have been set up to many thousand kilometres and continents have been crossed in these balloons. There is always someone looking at setting a new ballooning record. Festivities and races which involve hot-air balloons are famous in the UK.

At a given time a hot-air balloon can carry from 2-20 passengers. Romantic hot-air balloon rides are popular among newly wedded couples. Balloon rides in the UK is responsible for attracting tourists and people looking to do something different and enthralling.

When it comes to ballooning as a sport, competitive events like spot landing and “hare and hound” races attract many spectators, providing a colourful and grand experience. 

Hot air balloon rallies

Balloon rallies may consist a few or up to a hundred balloons on display.

British School of Ballooning established for over 25 years offers enchanting balloon rides in the UK.


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